About Us

Who We Are

In this world when we are born, we have been nurtured with love care and education. So that one day we all be responsible human beings. So now the time has come for us to show others how responsible we are and make others responsible too. A small change in thinking by an individual can bring about changes into the lives of millions and billions. We are a hope that not many but one person can be fed, Not many one person can be well dress not many but at least one person can have a proper life.

And it is very easy for making a change in a person’s life, by not only contributing money but giving them a HOPE that yes somebody is there who cares who dares.

HOPE TO HELP in other words can be said as in a TRY to create an awareness amongst mass that your need, your fashion, your style, can change lives of many, not every person gets a chance to contribute and participate in a mission for vision to bring all together. So lets just say lets come together and try together and change together. Cause its never to let to take a call.

Food For All 2 All For Food

Food is the only requirement for a human being for living his or her life. It is just the food for which humans earn. For some humans who can afford food is a delicacy for living. But in a daily life we come across so many people for whom food is a substantial need for living.

Hope to help primarily has started to work keeping this in mind. That’s why our moto is food for all, all for food.

Fashion 2 Emotion

After food the basic requirement of a person is clothing. To some people who can afford clothing is fashion for them. But again those you can’t afford for them clothing is living, clothing is fighting, clothing is hiding, clothing is an emotion, clothing is an answer to all that yes we are alive, we are humans too. Hope to help is here to bridge this gap and bring them closer to society.

And say to all we are just not a part of the society but we are also heart of it.